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Team Lally Interviews Momi on Outreach in the Community

Every week, Team Lally is committed to bringing you the latest in real estate news and the latest real estate strategies through our radio show. We have a very special show today with some very special guests, and we can't wait for you guys to take a listen. 

First, we will be joined by Jim Owens of Hawaii VA loans who is going to talk to us about how he and his company make the loan process as simple and stress-free as possible for VA loan home buyers.

Next, our property management specialist, Duke Kimhan, will join us to discuss what's happening in the property management area of the market. Duke also discusses his 30 days or less rent guarantee, where he will pay your rent if he doesn't find you a renter within 30 days.

Then we will be joined by Momi, a former school teacher turned publisher, who will talk to us about her magazine and the type of impact it has had on her community.

Finally, some members of our team will call in to give you the latest rundown on every segment of the market, so you are completely informed on what's happening in Hawaii real estate. 

To get all of this information and more, click here (insert link to show) to listen to our show!

How We Helped Geri with Her Transactions by Always Being Helpful

 "I really enjoyed them helping me. We had a lot of paperwork going on at once, because we were selling a condo, purchasing a house, and doing the 1031 Exchange. They really helped out. I was in California, so there was a three hour time difference. I had a lot of questions, and some were pretty early in the morning for them, but they always got back to me promptly. When we were getting ready to sign the final papers, I noticed that the 1031 Exchange wasn’t on there. I got in touch with Alesia from Team Lally, and she helped me out. I enjoyed working with them, and I would do it again! "

How We Helped Brendan Sell His Home Using Our Quick Response Time

 "They were phenomenal! They were very quick to respond to all my phone calls and emails. They gave me great guidance on how to get the house prepped for the open house. We had an offer the first day, and a second offer the next day, and the house pretty much sold itself after that! Alesia Borja was great in the closing process. I had lots of questions because there were so many details that needed to be taken care of in order to close on time. She responded quickly and made lots of phone calls after hours in order to make sure the house closed on time! "

Team Lally interviews Cindy Kramer of Top Gun Painting

In today's radio show, Adrienne and Attilio are joined by Cindy Perkins from Top Gun Painting. Cindy talks about how she became involved with Top Gun Painting. The services at Top Gun Painting include painting for residential and commercial properties, furniture refurbishment, water-proofing, and more. Cindy explains that they will do anything you need to make your house look beautiful. The versatility at Top Gun Painting is truly what sets them apart from other painting companies. 

Holy Cow! Multiple Offers Batman! What Now?

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We're currently in a low inventory market with high demand, which is great if you're thinking about selling your home. However, this does not mean getting a high price for your home will be easy!

We spend over $16,000 a month on marketing, and we put that to work for our clients. The average agent's marketing budget is only the size of a car payment! The bottom line is, we get more people looking at your home than the average agent. Who wouldn't want that?

When you list with us, we make recommendations on what you can do to maximize value. Because of our experience of selling over 100 homes a year, we know exactly what buyers want. Our marketing, plus a low inventory situation, will get your home maximum exposure - and more exposure means a better chance of generating multiple offers! 

Once you generate multiple offers, you need to prioritize them by superiority. Remember, the offer with the highest price is not always the superior offer; the amount of money down, financing, and other terms can be just as important! Here are some tips on how to review an offer:

Is the Buyer Pre-approved or Pre-qualified for a Mortgage? 
Contrary to popular belief, a seller with a pre-qualification is simply not as good as one that has been pre-approved. It is an important thing to consider when looking at an offer and the difference can easily make or break your transaction. When a buyer has been pre-approved, the lender has reviewed and verified all the important aspects of the financial transaction. 

How Much Money Are They Bringing to the Closing Table? 
As our marketplace leans heavier and heavier toward a seller-centric environment, the issue of how much down payment they will be able to make will come up more and more. When a buyer has more money down on their purchase, it is definitely a stronger offer than one where the buyers have less at stake. Look for a letter or statement from the bank demonstrating their ability to cover the funds promised as a down payment. 

Is There a Contingency To Sell Another Home First? 
Many buyers have a home to sell first before they can move forward with a new purchase. In the offer you receive from these buyers, you will likely see a contingency upon the sale of their home. When comparing multiple offers, if one buyer is able to buy your home without needing to sell their home – the chance of other problems or mistakes will reduce significantly. 

How Far Out Is the Closing Date? 
The ideal closing date is about 45 to 60 days from the date of accepted agreement. When you start getting into closing dates that go out two months or more, there tend to be more problems. A lot can happen in that much time, whether a job change, life change or even a change of heart – so if there is an offer with a closer closing date, that would definitely be the stronger choice.

We hope you found some of this information helpful. As always, we look forward to assisting you with all your real estate needs and, in the interim, if you would like to learn more about today’s hot real estate topics, catch us on Saturday mornings on AM830 KHVH. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Team Lally Interview Robbie Dean from Maui Real Estate Advisers

In today's radio show we are joined by Robbie Dean form Maui Real Estate Advisers. Robbie will be discussing the issue of clean air, and his aim is to make the community a safer and healthier place to live. He addresses the affect of cane-burning on the community, which can pollute the air and cause respiratory issues. Robert invites you to join in a forum where they will discuss solutions that will be good for the entire community.