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Team Lally Uses Facebook to Market Your Home

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We  understand you want to sell your home. We are Team Lally and for many years, we have sold over 100 homes each year in your area. Take a quick look at our 5-star online reviews. We wrote a series of helpful emails with the best tips to sell your home specific to our Hawaii real estate market.
These are eight powerful strategies we use every day to create more demand so our client’s homes sell for the most money. Feel free to use them on your own, or if you'd like, we will help you implement them. These tips will help you attract more buyers, schedule more showings, get more offers, and close the deal on-time without the buyer backing out. We will send you 1 quick tip every week going forward. If you have any questions, just reply back to this email or call us at 808-212-9188.
These tips will help
 you attract more buyers.

Here’s the course outline and series of videos we will be sending you:
1. Facebook advertising to promote your property to buyers.
2. How to convert a buyer inquiry to a home showing.
3. How to take the best pictures of your home.
4. A list of our recommended vendors to get the job done.
5. The art of pricing your property in the right category to sell.
6. Get a “text” signer rider in your yard to capture more inquiries.
7. The legal documents you need to protect yourself.
8. How to hold an open house for maximum impact.
If you don’t have any interest in the tips, simply unsubscribe below. We promise you everything is helpful and our only intent is to share our best strategies so you see the value in working together when and if the time is right

So here is the Home Selling Tip #1: Facebook Advertising.  

You can create an advertisement on Facebook with pictures and a compelling description of your home to display directly on the newsfeed of people “likely to move” in your city who earn the income necessary to buy your home. That’s why Facebook earns billions of dollars a year – you can advertise your home directly to people who may want to move with the financial means to buy your home. Here’s how you do it.

1. Create a Facebook post like this.
2. Run an advertisement to the following audience on Facebook. A few dollars a day will get the message out.

Expect people to message you or leave a comment on your Facebook post to learn more about your home. The best part of Facebook advertising is you’ll reach people who are not actively searching for a home, but when they see your home, they may become interested. This is especially true for exotic or luxury properties. You can advertise homes on a golf course to golf enthusiasts or homes with horse stables to equestrians, too. 

If you’d like help setting this type of ad up let us know.  We are happy to walk you through it, or do it for you. If we work together, this is an advertising cost we cover for you. We also have a database of potential homebuyers we can advertise the property to on Facebook as well.

Next week we will share what to say to a potential buyer when they call to inquire about your property. You’ll learn the best questions to ask so you don’t waste your time on “tire-kickers”. You’ll make sure they come prepared to your showing to make a competitive offer to buy.
Let us know if we can help in any way, and give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions at all. We look forward to hearing from you!

How We Helped Clyde Transition Smoothly

“We had outstanding results. Our whole experience was smooth. It was a smooth transition.” - Clyde

Team Lally with Ted Ketcham

Adrienne and Attilio had a very interesting conversation with Ted Ketcham, the
Vice President of Hawaii Commercial Real Estate, LLC. Ted talked about his new project- Aloha Pacific Center located in the heart of Kapolei.

Aloha Pacific Center will be a five-story retail and office complex. The building will have 14 foot ceilings on the ground floor and loft style 12 foot ceiling units on the penthouse floor. The development will also include a fully automatic (robotic) - parking structure that will provide approximately 537 parking spaces.

Aloha Pacific Center will be home to businesses offering a variety of services for the educational field, upscale family restaurant, various eateries, medical, dental offices, high tech businesses, copy-computer center, banking & financial services and accounting/legal service providers.

Hawaii Commercial Real Estate website: http://www.hawaiicre.com/

What Goes on Behind the Scenes at Team Lally

Call us at (808) 426-7211 for a FREE home buying or selling consultation

Today we want to talk to you about what goes on behind the scenes to get your home sold. All in all, we do over 100 different things, but here’s a little list for you to get the gist.

  1. We do a title search. Most Realtors wait till you're in escrow.  If there are problems with your title we want to head those off now.
  2. We use a showing service. Potential buyers won’t have to wait for us to be done with our child’s soccer game to schedule a showing. Our service is open 7 days a week 12 hours a day. The service also shares visitor feedback when available.
  3. We prospect for you. Stop by our office between 9 and 11 every day and we will be making calls to get your home sold.
  4. We knock on doors for you. We will literally knock on your neighbors' doors to invite them to your open house.   
  5. We call 200-300 of your neighbors.  Again, we are inviting them to your open house.
  6. We produce a walk through video tour. 100% of consumers want to see a video tour, but less than 1% of Realtors make them.    
  7. We prescreen buyers. We make sure that only preapproved serious buyers are getting to see your home and or write offers on it.
  8. We spend over $20,000 a month on marketing. The National Association of Realtors estimates that the average Realtor spends no more than a car payment per month on marketing. Bottom line, our marketing budget gets more exposure for our clients' properties.
  9. We have a communication guarantee! The number one complaint that consumers have when working with a Realtor is that they never hear from their Realtor once the home is listed. In fact the only time they did was when THEY called their Realtor. We certainly understand the frustration and take a more proactive approach to our communication with our clients. We will call all our clients every Monday to let them know what is going on with your listing. Even if there is nothing to report, we will check in to see if you have any questions or concerns - no chasing us down.
  10. We promote your listing on the radio.  We have had Hawaii’s only one hour real estate radio show for three years. We just aired our 223rd show!  Our listener’s average household income is in the $100,000 range and we know a lot of Realtors listen in who may have a buyer for your home.
  11. We wrote a real estate book! The reason we wrote one was that we found that it would be a helpful resource for both sellers and buyers in Hawaii. Click here to see our real estate book.

We do a total of 110 things to sell your home.

There are a total of 110 things we do behind the scenes for our clients. And remember to listen to us every Saturday at 11AM on AM830 KHVH.

Thanks and Aloha!

Our March 2016 Report

We saw an increase in the sales of Single-Family Homes and Condos in March 2016. Check out this infographic to see what other changes occurred! 

How Can Dogs Make You More Money on Your Investment Property

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Today we have Anastasia with us from Hawaii Pacific Property Management to give you four good reasons why allowing pets in your rental properties may be best for your bottom line as a real estate investor. You might think we’re crazy, but canines really can improve your bottom line! Here are four reasons why. 

  1. It takes less time to find a renter
  2. Tenants will stay longer
  3. Tenants with pets are usually more responsible
  4. Families with higher incomes own pets

Don’t forget that you can discriminate against what types of animals you want to allow! Not all furry friends are created equal when it comes to raising your bottom line and maintaining your property value.

You can also charge an additional month’s rent for a pet deposit. This is common practice to protect you against any potential damages caused by a pet.

Don’t forget to tune into our show every Saturday at 11am  on AM830 KHVH! We’ll be sharing valuable information about the real estate market!